Driving school instructor profession

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The profession

A driving school instructor is a professional who provides practical training to learners at a driving school wishing to obtain a driving licence or professional qualification, until they reach the required skill level: The instructor helps learner drivers to develop the necessary driving skills and reflexes and the capacity to drive the vehicle safely for themselves and for other road users.

In order to become a driving instructor, it is necessary to attend an initial training course and take the relevant qualifying examination.

After obtaining the qualification, the driving school instructor is required to attend a periodic training course lasting 8 hours once every 2 years.

Individuals who have not completed the required training cannot be employed by the driving school.

Working as a professional driving instructor without fulfilling the requirements is punishable by law.

Recognition of foreign professional qualifications

Citizens of EU Member States, EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Switzerland who have a professional qualification obtained abroad and who intend to work in Italy will find in this section the information, forms and regulatory references needed for the recognition of the qualifications required to practice the profession.

The recognition of professional qualifications obtained abroad is governed by Legislative Decree No 206 of 9 November 2007 implementing Directive 2005/36/EC, amended by Directive 2013/55/EU.

The above-mentioned Legislative Decree, as amended by Article 5 (l-quater) of Legislative Decree No 15 of 28 January 2016, identifies the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as the competent authority for the profession driving school teacher and instructor.


The activity in question is regulated by:

Article 123 of Legislative Decree No 285 of 30 April 1992, as amended and supplemented, laying down the ‘New Highway Code’

Articles 335 and 336 of Presidential Decree No 495 of 16 December 1992, as subsequently amended and supplemented, laying down the ‘Regulation implementing and transposing the New Highway Code’

Decree No 17 of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of 26 January 2011, ‘Regulation on training courses and procedures for the qualification of driving school teachers and instructors’

Decree No 317 of the Minister for Transport and Navigation of 17 May 1995, as subsequently amended and supplemented, ‘Regulation governing the activities of driving schools’

Recognition of professional qualifications/certificates

In order to obtain recognition of the professional qualification of or professional training as a driving school instructor obtained in the EU, EEA or Switzerland for the purpose of carrying out that activity in Italy, the person concerned must submit an application with a prepaid stamp to the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, accompanied by the documents indicated in the form.

If the documentation is not complete, the office will request submission of the missing documents.

Once the document review is complete, the following may be issued:

  • a recognition order;
  • recognition, subject to complying with a compensatory measure;
  • a rejection order.

Who can request it:

  • Citizens of an EU Member State, an EEA country (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein) or the Swiss Confederation.

What is needed to apply:

    • The duly completed application form for recognition of the professional qualification or professional training as a driving school instructor (Annex 1) and the documentation required (Annex 2).

Forms and documents

    • Application for recognition of the professional qualification or professional training as a driving school instructor, using the form in Annex 1;
    • Accompanying documentation, as listed in Annex 2.


Competent authority where application should be submitted

The application can be submitted by e-mail or PEC (Certified Electronic Mail)

Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility

D. G. for Motorizzazione, Services to citizens and undertakings in the field of Transport and Maritime

PEC address: dg.mot@pec.mit.gov.it (this address cannot receive ordinary e-mails)

E-mail address: dgmot.segr@mit.gov.it

Telephone: +39 06 4412.8539, .8596

Mail to: Via Giuseppe Caraci, 36, I-00157 Roma (Italia)


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