Genoa: Mit set up a special commission 

ponte crollato

The Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport issued a decree dated August 14,  to establish a special commission to carry out technical checks and analyzes on the collapse of the Viaduct Polcevera at the height of the Municipality of Genoa in the section of the A10 motorway connecting to the motorway A7.
The Commission is the first step this Ministry had taken to shed light on what happened and carry out all checks to determine possible violations  on the part of Autostrade per l'Italia, the concessionary responsible for the security and maintenance of the road, as laid down by the Highway Code (at.14).
The investigation aims to assess the possibility of severing the concession agreement with it.
The inspection commission composed of technicians, professors and experts, has already started work and will take the first steps tomorrow in Genoa in order to establish the causes and circumstances of the collapse

The commission must provide the ministry with a report on the established facts within 30 days
Also, according to the  decree establishing the commission, Autostrade per l'Italia is required to make available all pertinent documents, as well as providing the Commission with any information to get to the root cause of the tragic event.

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Data di pubblicazione: 17/08/2018