Activities and Projects

Activities and projects

Among the activities and projects promoted by the Ministry, there are some important initiatives for improving the domestic connectivity and the connections to great transport networks of the European cities, indeed strategic from an economic and commercial point of view.

Italy plays a key role in the development of a European transport strategy based on intermodality, on an integrated approach to transport infrastructures and in particular, on the nine transnational Corridors forming the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). In fact, four of the nine European Corridors cross Italy: the Baltic-Adriatic Corridor reaches Trieste, the Mediterranean Corridor crosses Italy from Turin to Trieste, the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor crosses the Brenner pass reaching Augusta and the Rhine-Alpine Corridor connects Genoa with the North Sea Ports.

Furthermore, as to domestic connections, the Ministry is working to develop a national and regional infrastructures network. The EU Commission has recently adopted the Italy’s NOP - National Operational Program on Infrastructures and Networks for the period 2014-2020, by investing 1.8 billion Euro for railway infrastructures, port infrastructures and intelligent transport systems. These resources are added to the important national allocations which are specifically devoted to implementing the railway links of the South of Italy,  paying a special attention to the ports and airports which are currently poorly connected or isolated from the national infrastructures network (“last mile” connections). 

Important investments have also been allocated to develop and improve the logistics related to the maritime system, through those projects which can enhance the Italian position in the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, 20 % of the world’s maritime transport passes through the Mediterranean Basin and in particular 13 % of the goods maritime traffic and 41 million passengers (20 % of the EU total) pass through Italy. Then, the projects included in national and logistics port systems aim to promote the role  Italian ports as strategic and efficient hubs for maritime traffics.

Further Ministry’s activities concern territorial development programs in terms of the extension and redevelopment of urban agglomerates and city systems. In this field, the Ministry promotes programs of urban requalification, the restoration of degraded areas, the requalification of school buildings as well as initiatives to facilitate the access to housing also supporting social housing projects. All these above mentioned activities, which also include financial contributions from the private sector, are key tools for the economic, production and employment re-launch of Italy.

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Data di pubblicazione: 12/02/2016