CIPE (Inter-ministerial Committee for Economic Planning) allocated 40 billion euros for investments

CIPE (Inter-ministerial Committee

CIPE (Inter-ministerial Committee for Economic Planning)

10 August 2016 – The investments approved by the Inter-ministerial Committee for the Economic Planning (CIPE), at the session held today at Prime Minister’s Headquarter and chaired by Prime Minister Matteo Renzi,  amount to approximately 40 billion euros. In today’s meeting, the Italian Government has given further impetus to the public investment planning.  In particular, the CIPE has cleared long-awaited infrastructural projects after approving, as a preliminary step, the identification of national thematic areas and the general allocation of the resources of the Fund for Development and Territorial Cohesion (FSC), also provided for the allocation of resources for financing, from the same fund, the projects included in the “Pacts for the Southern Regions”, giving the go-ahead for the “Mezzogiorno Region Master plan” (the Government economic recovery plan for the Regions of Southern Italy).

Among the decisions taken by the Committee, there are several priority infrastructure projects,  among which the approval of the final project of the third macro-lot  - first section – of the “Jonica” national road No.106, the development of the Line 2 of the Milan underground,  the allocation of 28,9 million euros for the Turin Town Council for the line 1 of the Turin underground, the re-approval of the final project on upgrading and development of the provincial road ex state road No. 415 “Paullese”, the approval of the final project for the development of railway premises of “La Spezia Marittima” in the areas inside the commercial port, with and allocation of 38,98 million euros, the approval of the preliminary project on Lucca ring road system to improve road traffic, the northern section of the road project “road and rail junction of “Casalecchio di Reno” (BO)”, the final project of technological and infrastructural upgrading of the under-flowing Tunnel River “Fiumicello” of the Battipaglia-Reggio Calabria rail line and, finally, a funding of approximately 1,630 million euros for the high-speed high-capacity Milan-Genoa-Terzo Valico dei Giovi rail line, fourth lot, authorizing the start of project’s construction. 

Minister Graziano Delrio, at the end of the CIPE session, commented writing a tweet: “We must continue our effort to implement European Corridors. CIPE approved the allocation of 1,6 million euros for the “Terzo Valico” project. Railway option is moving forward”.

“I welcome with great satisfaction the information – stated Government Commissioner Iolanda Romano -, because this will ensure progress in the implementation of the project, allowing us to confirm the undertakings signed with Cociv for the employment of the local labour force.  

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