Bridge collapses on Genoa highway, Italian Government is following the situation

Ponte genova

The Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Danilo Toninelli, will go to Genoa on Wednesday  after a highway bridge collapsed in the northern city, taking many lives. 
The minister said he is following what has happened in Genoa with maximum apprehension . “My total support and the moment is with the city”.
Toninelli also assured that in the first 60 days of new government , he took immediate action to start  maintenance work and improve safety of viaducts  as well as their monitoring through sensors. “Almost all of them, built between the '50s and' 70s, need ordinary maintenance. This is something in which the government must put money in order to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again. As an Italian citizen, I regret to note that such maintenance has not been made as the tragic facts in Genoa remind us”.
Deputy Minister Edoardo Rixi is already on the scene to follow the rescue operations.

Data di ultima modifica: 14/08/2018
Data di pubblicazione: 14/08/2018