Minister Toninelli in Genoa: bilateral meeting with EU Commissioner Bulc

Toninelli  meet Bulc

8 October 2018 –  The bilateral Meeting between Danilo Toninelli, the Italian Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, and Violeta Bulc, the European Commissioner for Transport, was held in Genoa at the premises of Palazzo del Governo, in order to discuss on the measures adopted for the Municipality of Genoa, following the collapse of the Morandi Bridge.

“I would like to thank Commissioner Bulc for being here with us today. This shows how close we are to the city of Genoa and Italy as a whole, deeply hurt by the tragic event occurred on 14 August 2018. The Italian Government is strongly committed to address this issue, giving the highest priority to the start of the reconstruction of the Polcevera Bridge and the securing of the related road connection system of the Municipality of Genoa ”, Minister of Infrastructures and Transport Toninelli stated.

“I submitted to Commissioner Bulc the measures included in the “Emergency Decree”, which we intend to implement as soon as possible. Measures which will not merely concern the city of Genoa but will enable Italy to benefit from new and more effective tools  to monitor the safety and efficiency of infrastructures. The European Union can also provide and important contribution to this action. I really appreciate the availability expressed by Commissioner Bulc to support possible initiatives for the recovery of the City of Genoa. Today we have assessed together the possibility for using EU funding, such as CEF the EU financing instrument - Connecting Europe Facility – in order to finance specific infrastructure projects for Genoa Municipality”.

Commissioner Bulc expressed the solidarity of the European Union to the city of Genoa, ensuring her full availability to support the measures adopted by the Italian Government for the recovery of the city.

Minister Toninelli, who during his visit to Genoa met again the evacuees, stated that the meeting offered also the opportunity to address other issues: “We also focused on some European issues of common interest, including heavy road traffic blocks, unilaterally imposed by the Tyrol Authority at the Brenner pass. I stressed that this issue seriously damages many operators of the sector, in particular Italian Companies, for which we hope to find a positive solution as soon as possible, in line with the EU principles of free movement of goods and people in a single market. Italian Government really likes a Europe dealing with people, practical problems of citizens, as we are also trying to do here today. Only if we bring institutions closer to the European people, the European Union can save itself and return to be a real community. It is with this kind of Europe that we intend to continue to collaborate in a constructive and fruitful way”.

Toninelli meet Bulc

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