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Mediterranean and Black Sea Technology Platform for Maritime and Marine Research Innovation and Training

The PTMB was officially launched in Rome on 18 May 2009 (for details refer to the EU Report which can be downloaded from the website of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - MIT - as a side event around the European Maritime Day celebrations. The role of the PTMB is aimed at establishing a common platform for dialogue between all relevant stakeholders from the Mediterranean and Black Seas (including non-EU countries) in the field of Maritime and Marine Research, Innovation and Training as well as at contributing to the appropriate allocation of necessary financial resources mobilised from different sources (private/regional/national/EU and international).

Fondale MediterraneoThe first operational meeting was held in Larache (Morocco) on 16-17 October 2009. The PTMB members unanimously appointed MIT's Director General for Maritime and Inland Waterways Transport Mr. Enrico Maria Pujia as Chairman, while Morocco and Spain were appointed as vice-Chairs. Chair, Vice-chairs and Coordinators will hold in charge for a period of 3 years, the first period starting from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2012.

The preliminary SRA (Strategic Research Agenda) was approved in Venice at the PTMB Plenary Session on 13 May 2010. Next step is to finalise the preliminary SRA by 2011. On the basis of the preliminary SRA that will be presented at Gijon (Spain) on the occasion of the European Maritime Day (19-21 May 2010), the PTMB aims to promote common projects between its member countries.


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