The Minister

Minister Danilo Toninelli

Danilo Toninelli  - Minister of Infrastructures and Transport of Italy


Minister Toninelli was born in Soresina, in the Province of Cremona, on the 2nd of August 1974. He is married with two children.

He graduated in Law at the University of Brescia in 1999; from 1999 to 2002 he served as Reserve Officer in the Italian “Carabinieri” Corps. Afterwards he worked as technical inspector at an insurance company until 2013. Since November 2009 he became an active supporter of the “Five Stars Movement”. And in 2013 he was elected to the Italian Chamber of Deputies. 

Then he became a member both of the Council for Regulation and the Commission on Constitutional Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies,  also holding the position of Vice President of the latter until 2015. As main contact point of the first political Group of the opposition, he personally supervised the main measures and regulations carried out for the approval.

He ran for Candidate of the Italian Senate after receiving the most votes from his territorial district, during the internal consultation made by the Five Stars Movement; in 2018, he was elected Senator, becoming also Leader of the Five Stars’ Parliamentary Group at the Italian Senate until his appointment as Minister of Infrastructures and Transport in the Government of Giuseppe Conte.

He is on Twitter @danilo.toninelli and on Facebook Danilo Toninelli

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