Italian – Slovenian Ministers’ Committee

Riccardo Nencini e Peter Gaspersic

10 October 2017 – The Deputy Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Riccardo Nencini, met in Brdo, Slovenia, the Slovenian Minister of Infrastructures, Peter Gaspersic.

The bilateral meeting took place during the Sixth Session of the Italian-Slovenian Ministers’ Committee, chaired by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Angelino Alfano and represents an opportunity to promote and strengthen the shared initiatives of cooperation between the two Countries in different fields, such as: transport and infrastructure sectors as well as the promotion of a transport network system in the Region.

The Deputy Minister and the Slovenian Minister Gaspersic discussed on various agenda items: Nencini confirmed to the Slovenian Delegation the commitment of Italy to implement measures aiming at upgrading, modernizing and developing the Trieste-Divača cross-border railway freight line. The Deputy Minister also pointed out that the development of the existing railway connection is in line with the revision strategy on the infrastructure projects carried out by the Italian Ministry through the “Connecting Italy” National Document. The Deputy Minister also underlined that Italy strongly supports the continuation of the activities agreed in the framework of the European Economic Interest Group, focused on three main sectors: in addition to the Trieste-Divača railway line, the technical staff of our Ministry is currently working on the feasibility study for the implementation of the Venice-Ljubljana railway passenger connection, which is considered crucial for the economic, cultural and tourist exchanges between the two Countries.

Another important issue addressed during the meeting concerns the technical improvements to be carried out on the Gorizia-Nova Gorica cross-border line. The meeting  also focused on road transport issue; the representatives of Italian and Slovenian Governments exchanged their views on the progress made on the EU Commission’s mobility package negotiations. Nencini underlined that the proper functioning of the European road freight transport market, in the context of the EU single market, is a key condition for promoting the development of the economies of the single Countries and their social well-being. This is why the Deputy Minister stressed the importance of having clear and common rules in order to avoid distortions of competition and also appealing to the European Union in order to find a common strategy to overcome unfair competition, based on inadequate job conditions of  drivers and workers  in the field of road safety. 

Nencini and Gaspersic both agreed on the fact that, in order to concretely carry out the commitments undertaken, the Intergovernmental Commission  on the Trieste-Divača will be convened and the experts will discuss on the project and the Ljubljana-Venice railway line.

Furthermore, a Commission of experts will discuss on the fair competition issue and on the legislation for road transport operators within the framework of the next EU legislation on mobility package. Last, Nencini expressed his great satisfaction for the excellent cooperation between Italy and Slovenia on the strategy aiming at promoting the process of the European integration of the Western Balkan Countries, hoping to enhance the synergy between the two Countries for the planning of future infrastructures and for the implementation of transport services, in order to improve connectivity. In the framework of the EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR), Deputy Minister Nencini proposed a joint action to improve connectivity between both Countries.  

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Data di pubblicazione: 24/10/2017