Road Haulage: Italy as a member of the Road Alliance for establishing clear rules on workers’ rights.

Autotrasporto per l'Italia con la Road Alliance

5 December 2017 – “No further steps towards liberalization will be taken, until clear measures on the rights of workers will be adopted. Italy has maintained its firm position on mobility package within the EU Council of Transport Ministers, which was held today in Brussels”.

This was stated by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Graziano Delrio, who participated in the work of the Council.

Yesterday evening, Italy shared the joint statement issued by the Road Alliance Ministers on the necessity to strengthen several parts of the mobility package:

“We share the progress made in road haulage sector - said the Minister -  but it is necessary to strengthen controls and  to take no further steps towards liberalization as long as the rules on the rights of workers and drivers will not be fully respected , prohibiting drivers from spending their weekly rest period in the lorry’s cab, as well as fixing a time limit of so many days for carrying out cabotage trips, along with revising the rules which today create unfair competition and social dumping”.

“We are defending a position of fair balance between the free movement of goods and the observance of workers’ social rights and safety, i.e. tired drivers exposed to exhausting working conditions who neither are capable of ensuring  passengers’ safety. The debate will continue and we hope that the contributions we made today will enable the Commission to take a further step forward”.

“In the statement issued yesterday, the Road Alliance Countries emphasized the following principles: the establishment of a single road haulage market with a fair competition, laying down rules aiming at ensuring decent working conditions for drivers, based on the  principle of “equal pay for equal work”, taking into due account the safety of drivers and road users as well as strengthening the fight against fraud and illicit practices. 

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