The new Italian Port System

New Italian Port System

30 January 2018 - The recent Reform of Port Sector and Logistics, promoted by Minister Graziano Delrio, has established a reorganized, simplified and more efficient National Port System.

A strategic system created to support the role of Italy as gateway of Europe to the Mediterranean, facilitating freight and passenger transport, creating jobs and promoting economic development.

The Port sector’s legislation has been revised with the introduction of administrative actions on innovation, digitalization and system coordination, along with the improvement of logistics network.

The 58 main Italian Ports have now been organized into 15 new Port System Authorities, coordinated by the National Coordination Conference established at the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport.

The new PSAs represent the nodes of a logistics network integrating maritime, road and air transports, providing continuity along the TEN-T Corridors, which connect Italy to Europe, which run from the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean networks. The Italian Ports are now situated at the core of a connection network providing a more organized, intelligent and efficient transport system, at the service of undertakings and passengers, combining competitiveness with the tasks of connecting territories and local markets.

The New Port System Authorities also manage in a coordinated way the implementation of the new infrastructural projects,  due to investments which amount to EUR 450 million per year, thus giving a boost to the planning and implementation of the public projects aimed at making Italian Ports ever more efficient and competitive at a global level.

The Interactive Map describes the new organization of the Italian Port System and its integration with the transport European Network, informing investors and those working in the maritime sector about the financing opportunities of the sector. This Map also includes detailed data on the Italian Ports, providing a description of their main technical features, including shore and water-side connections, their freight and passenger traffic, the projects underway and the new investments planned for them.

Here you can download infographic with brief information on the Reform.

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