Meeting between the Italian Undersecretary of State Umberto Del Basso De Caro and the Minister of Public Works and Transport of Costa Rica German Eduardo Valverde

Meeting between Italy and Costa Rica

5 December 2017 –The Italian Undersecretary of State, Del Basso De Caro, met the Minister of Transport of  Costa Rica, Mr. Valverde, on 5 December 2017, during the visit to Italy of his Costa Rican Counterpart.

The meeting took place in a friendly and constructive mood, which enabled the Costa Rican Minister to illustrate the important opportunities for the cooperation between Italy and Costa Rica. Minister Valverde stated that he has accepted the joint offer made by ANAS and Ferrovie dello Stato Group for a technical cooperation, aiming at preparing with the Costa Rican Ministry of Transport a General Plan for Transport to be developed in Costa Rica.

As a result of the contacts taken up between Anas, Ferrovie dello Stato Group and the Costa Rican Ministry of Transport, it was possible to sign two important technical memoranda of understandings: the technical understanding for cooperation in road and motorway sectors with the Costa Rican Ministry of Transport, signed between Minister Valverde and the CEO of Anas International, Mr. Bernardo Magrì, and the technical understanding between Ferrovie dello Stato Group and the Costa Rican Ministry of Transport, which was signed by Minister Valverde and the General Director of Ferrovie, Mr. Filippo Scotti d’Albertis.

During the meeting, Minister Valverde expressed his particular appreciation for the high technical quality of the services provided by the two State-owned Companies, also underlining the importance of their public nature, which will make it possible to receive strong support from the Italian Government. The Undersecretary of State Del Basso De Caro confirmed the support of both Companies, also informing about the setting-up of the forthcoming FS-ANAS Holding Company, which will enable to optimize the Italian Government’s commitment to developing inter modality transport system.  In fact,  Italian Government has strongly invested in promoting modal shift from road to rail.

The Undersecretary has also presented to the Minister the good opportunities provided by the National Strategic Plan for Ports and Logistics approved in Italy with the key objective of strengthening the competitiveness of the Port and Logistics system, enhancing the role played by the Central Government in defining the strategic guidelines and promoting the streamlining of  the administrative procedures. 

To conclude, the Undersecretary recalled the important presence of big Italian Companies in Costa Rica, such as ENEL, ASTALDI, TELECOM, hoping for further development of the existing bilateral cooperation.

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