Brenner Corridor: speech made by Delrio at the Munich Meeting

brenner corridor

5 February 2018 – Minister Delrio participated at the Brenner Meeting  held in Munich, European Meeting on traffic along the Brenner axis, organized by the European Coordinator for the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Core Network Corridor of the European Union, Pat Cox, which was held in Munich. “I think that today is a great day because a joint working method has been established and decisions will be taken together. A working method that we have to move forward at the forthcoming meeting of May and during the scheduled future meetings; a working method that has given rise to very important specific working groups for railway transport’s promotion, for the cost-benefit analysis and for assessing the ways of discouraging – with the Zurich Groups that are already working on this – the use of road transport rather than the use of rail.

We are all therefore going in the right direction. All our Countries intend and  have already implemented measures to promote freight rail transport through incentives: we have launched a joint initiative with the Provinces of Trento and Bolzano;we have set incentives for all  operators carrying out rail freight services and in this period we have invested billions of euros to implement Corridor’s logistics infrastructures, which is a great opportunity and a great opportunity for development  not only for our Countries but for the whole Europe.

This is a very positive day. It is hereby confirmed that the Brenner Corridor will be completed with the full commitment of all the actors involved. The horizon is 2027 but we will not wait for that moment to finally celebrate a complete modal shift in freight transport. We need to work without further delay, undertaking  common actions in order to start improving more and more this transport modal shift as well as committing ourselves to promoting  and definitively approving  the action plan for the Brenner. The Plan includes many important measures and will give, I believe, a great answer, a serious and real answer to all the people living along the Corridor and who, let me say it again, will benefit of great opportunities for development thanks to this Corridor; therefore,  we want it to be a sustainable one, able to improve their quality of life, and not as unfortunately it has been the case until now, a development which worries local populations who have rightly raised and asked for a more decisive joint commitment. I believe that the work made today gives them a clear answer along with the fact that it is the visible manifestation of our common commitment for which I thank my colleagues, the Presidents of the Regions and the Corridor’s Coordinator”,  Minister Delrio said.

Along with Minister Delrio, also the Ministers of Transport of Austria and Germany participated in the meeting,  as well as the local Governors of the territories concerned (Tyrol, Bavaria, Alto Adige and Trentino).

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